John has nearly 20 years’ experience building, managing and financing innovative companies in the healthcare sector. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Quanta Fluid Solutions, which is a UK-based, venture-backed medical device pioneer in the field of dialysis. He is also a member of the i4i selection panel of the NHS National Institute for Health Research and is an advisory board member of Connect Digital Health.

Previously, he was an Investment Director of NBGI Ventures, a specialist medtech investment fund based in London, where he also served as a director on the boards of several portfolio companies in Europe and the US. His other previous roles also include founding the advisory boutique Insight Capital, serving as CFO at Nitec Pharma, being a Special Advisor to Atlas Venture and leading healthcare corporate finance transactions at Nomura International in London. He started his career as an investment banker at Lehman Brothers in New York, followed by private equity investment experience at Kirkland Investors. John is a graduate of the University of Chicago.

Originally from New Hampshire, USA, he now is a British-American resident of London. John has a passion for travel and outdoor adventure.

This blog reflects the personal views of the author only.


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